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HOG Cannabis Company cultivates small batch, premium medical and adult use cannabis strains. Our focus is cultivating clean and potent cannabis. Our cultivation team is stacked with legacy farmers with over 50 years of cannabis cultivation experience. HOG Cannabis Co. is veteran owned, locally owned, and located in licensed provisioning centers and dispos.

Our Genetics

HOG offers exclusive genetics that have been selected in house by our cultivation team through pheno hunts.

A lot of love goes into every plant we grow

 a lot of love goes into each plant


what we grow

Featured Strains

HOG Bully Kush


Lineage: Skunk Tangie X Do-Si-Dos from Seed

Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

Peel has frosty, potent buds. Balancing the dominant flavors of the two strains, Peels flavor profile is smooth like ice cream. This strain offers a powerful high that can be invigorating in small doses but is more sedative in large quantities.

HOG Angel Cake

Apricot Jelly

Lineage: Irene Apricot X Jelly Breath Bx1 from Seed

Breeder: In House Genetics

This sativa-dominant hybrid has a citrus scent with a tropical taste, resembling apricots. Apricot Jelly might be best paired with your morning toast or could be ideal for getting through a mid-day slump. This strain offers everything you’d want out of a hybrid, including the ability to zero in and focus on the tasks in front of you while maintaining a happy demeanor.

HOG Molotov 21 aka silverback

Triangle Mints

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Breeder: Seedjunky_jbeezy

Triangle Mints was created when Seed Junky Genetics crossed Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. GSC genetics give this sativa-dominant strain dense buds and a complex aroma that includes herbal, spice, and earthy flavors with diesel undertones, and the GSC and OG Kush influences are evident in this strain.

“Always a quality flower.”

Josh Ostrander

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