The HOG Experience

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HOG Triangle Mints

Triangle Mints

This Triangle mints was hand selected for the kush lovers.
Thick dense flowers. Gas Gas Gas. Puff. Puff. pass.

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Animal mints
Breeder: @Seedjunky_jbeezy
Pheno Selection: @themosthighfarmer

HOG Bully Kush

Bully Kush

This Bully Kush selection is a gassy smoke with heavy floral overtones.  Incredibly unique kush that you have to experience for yourself.
***Chefs Choice***

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush
Breeder: @Seedjunky_jbeezy
Pheno: @themosthighfarmer



The Molotovs live up to their name testing over 30% THC. Big buds marbled with vibrant greens, deep purples, and a smooth rich smoke.

Lineage: Wedding x Zkittlez Cake
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno: @themosthighfarmer

HOG Angle Cake

Angel Cake

This Angel Cake selection has a traditional kushy flower structure. Smoke
leans heavily toward cake, with a quiet zkittlez accent.

Lineage: LA Kush cake x Zkittle Cake
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno: @themosthighfarmer

HOG Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Named for its colorful flowers, the Rainbow Cake is equally as colorful on the nose. The Zkittlez profile comes through strong in her presentation, although she leans toward cake on the smoke.

Lineage: Mai Tai x Zkittles cake
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno: @themosthighfarmer

Strawberry & Cream

Strawberries and Cream

The best word to describe this Strawberries and Cream selection, is electric. While the flower structure leans toward the cookies and cream, the terpene profile is unmistakably STRAWBERRY. She smokes just like she smells, A1.

Lineage: Strawberry x Cookies and Cream
Breeder: @exoticgenetix_mike
Pheno: @themosthighfarmer