Researchers Study Patients With Non-Cancer Pain

According to a recent study, of patients currently using prescribed opioids to control non-cancer pain, approximately 16% are also using whole-plant cannabis medicines for additional management. Additionally, approximately 25% report that they would use cannabis if it was made available to them. These results were published on December 2014 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Data gathered for this study was taken from a sample population of 1,514 people taking part in the Pain and Opioids In Treatment (POINT) study in Australia. Other information gathered, characterizing patients using cannabis as an add-on therapy, included:

  • a younger age
  • a more debilitating and intrusive pain experience
  • less ability to handle pain
  • longer duration of time they had been using opioids
  • higher doses of opioids
  • higher likelihood of failing to use their prescribed opioids
  • reports that pain relief was increased when cannabis was used in addition to opioids, versus when opioids were used alone

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