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HOG Cannabis Co. grows an elite array of award winning medical cannabis strains. These strains have been tailored for success in the licensed market for quality and purity. HOG Cannabis Co. is locally owned and grown, and will remain high-end in licensed provisioning centers.

HOG Quality and Purity

A lot of love goes into every plant we grow

 a lot of love goes into each plant

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We are located in over a dozen provisionings across Michigan.

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HOG Bully Kush

Bully Kush

Our Bully Kush is a gassy smoke with heavy floral overtones.
Incredibly unique kush that you have to experience for yourself.
***Chefs Choice***

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno Selection: @themosthighfarmer

HOG Angel Cake

Angel Cake

Our Angel Cake has a traditional kushy flower structure. Smoke
leans heavily toward cake, with a quiet zkittlez accent.

Lineage: LA Kush Cake x Zkittlez cake
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno Selection: @themosthighfarmer

HOG Molotov 21 aka silverback


The Molotovs live up to their name testing over 30% THC. Big buds
marbled with vibrant greens, deep purples, and a smooth rich smoke.

Lineage: Wedding Cake x Zkittlez cake
Breeder: @JungleBoys
Pheno Selection: @themosthighfarmer

“Always a quality flower.”

Josh Ostrander

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